Little Golden Books from the fifties!

This page is purely for my own nostalgia, for the authors and books with which I grew up, and with which I encouraged pupils to enjoy reading.
A sort of kids' version of "oldies but goodies"!

I hope readers will give feedback on how they enjoyed (or not - who knows?) these old titles.

Monday, June 11, 2012      Little Golden Books
Little Golden Books - and there were so many titles - were given to my sister and me and our same-age cousins, and we were encouraged to borrow and swap from each other.

Cousins had Nurse Nancy,
we had Saggy Baggy Elephant

Book cover illustration

This was my sister's.
We loved the "candlestick" made of half a banana with a cherry on top, standing on a pineapple ring!

Well, there's only so much time I can spend searching through image search results, looking for the ONE favourite Little Golden Book title. Searching for my favourite fruitlessly after 30 image search pages is enough!

The book I loved involved a small boy sailing a little boat, and meeting other characters, one per 2-page spread. And after each character hopped on board the boat, the refrain read...

        "There was ...
        Me, little me,
        Chuck, the duck,

        Mish, the fish,
        Morse the horse,

        Kermit, the hermit,
        Sailing on that very fine day!"

I think there was a musical score printed at the end, as I remember Mum playing it and I learned to sing it as much as read it!

If that description rings a bell for you, Puh-lease let me know the title? Thanks so much!

Well for Pete's sake - I searched for the first line of the book and here it is. And no wonder there was music - it was a song by Burl Ives!


If this page has brought fond memories, then do tell us all about Little Golden Books which you recall from your childhood in the 50s or 60s
Thank you


  1. I loved the books as a child. Burl Ives, Sailing on a very fine day my sister and I remember he most. I am 69 she is 63. We still can tell the whole story after all these years. Very fun.


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