About Me, the Reviewer

Because I learned to read before beginning Primary School, I was a real book worm!

My parents bought me and my sister a comic book each Jack and Jill and Playhour from the UK, and between she and I, each edition was read to death.
I read young children's series... Milly-Molly-Mandy; Enid Blyton's Noddy, Magic Faraway Tree, Secret Seven, Famous Five; Crompton's William the Outlaw, (all UK authors), and Bobbsey Twins series, author unknown - until even I, as a child of the fifties, became uncomfortable with the racism hidden in the dialect of the household servant.

In my Nanny's (grand mother's) linen cupboard we found a treasury of books printed for earlier generations - the most memorable being the Cole's Book Arcade publications 1 & 2 - with their Terribly "instructive and amusing" verses and stories, the books are still being published in Australia.
I read my mother's books, especially the lighter titles: The Egg and I (author's name forgotten), They're a Wierd Mob and Cop This Lot by Nino Culotto, then No Kava For Johnny by John O'Grady (Nino Culotto's real name, Douglas Bader's autobiographical Reach For the Sky, Pr Ike Eisenhower's autobiography, Audie Murphie's autobiographic To Hell & Back, Eric Williams' The Tunnel and The Wooden Horse.

As a teenager, I learned the one sure way to be bypassed for household chores was to be found reading. On one occasion, Mum failed to recognise I was reading the telephone book. Another time, I was holding a book upside down, having only just grabbed something to "read" in time.

Then as a teachers' college nerd, nonfiction almost exclusively, except for children's literature Readers' Digest, and their Condensed books, and Life magazines.

After hours and after retiring from teaching, again with the non-fiction - history, New Zealand's wild-life, autobiographies and biographies, plant care, landscaping, interior decorating, handicrafts, computer technology ... too many and too varied a range to mention further.

I began this blog purely as a trial of blogging as an activity, and reviewed my own choices of books -old favourites and new discoveries. Now, through Booksellers NZ - distributors, I enjoy reading and reviewing crime, mystery and thriller novels - and loving it. (This genre came into my reading world thanks to TV series - Bones, CSI, NCIS, Midsommer Murders, Silent Witness - which made me realise that, had I had a better secondary level Science education, I would have enjoyed a career in forensics.)

Thanks to my friend who writes as Virginnia de Part'e, I also review light romances. And I have also secured some editing contracts with Secret Cravings Publishers, but will not review those books, as with a monetary interest in sales I could not be free to be an openly honest reviewer.

I hope to review more books - hence using the Book Vetter form (a separate page) to allow authors who arrive here to request a review. If you know an author who wants an honest review, steer them this way please?

Thank you - to new and old friends alike.

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