29 December 2014

FACE OFF, edited by David BALDACCI

David Baldacci, editor
Pairs of favourite crime authors “face off” against each other to write their own favoured characters into a single short story.
Each of the eleven stories – some written as separate sections, some via distance collaboration – allows the distinctive traits of the characters to remain true to their origins. This reader ripped through the book avidly, then re-read it more closely.
For fans of either a writer or a crime series character, this compilation will delight as the character has to work with another author’s character.
Crime story readers who’ve not yet met a particular crime author will find this an ideal avenue into new reading.

The proceeds of this book are to go towards the International Thriller Writers group, and is not their first compilation (Look for Thriller, 2006; Thriller 2, 2009; Love Is Murder, 2012).
As Editor, David Baldacci gives an overall introduction to the work involved in the ITW and its publications, and brief author biographies.

1. Red Eye has Dennis LEHANE’s Patrick Kenzie and Michael CONNELLY’s Harry Bosch working together.
2. In the Nick of Time has Ian RANKIN’s Rohn Reburs and Peter JAMES’ Roy Grace working together.
3. Gaslighted has R.L. STINE’s Slappy The Ventriloquist Dummy appearing with Douglas PRESTON and Lincoln CHILD’s character Aloysius Pendergast.
4. The Laughing Buddha has M. J. ROSS’s Malachi Samuels alongside Lisa GARDNER’s D. D. WARREN.
5. Surfing the Panther has Steve MARTINI’s Paul Madriani with Linda FAIRSTEIN’s Alexandra Cooper.
6. Rhymes With Prey has Jeffrey DEAVER’s Lincoln Rhyme with John SANDFORD’s Lucas Davenport.
7. Infernal Night has Heather GRAHAM’s Michael Quinn with F. Paul WILSON’s Repairman Jack.
8. Pit Stop has Raymond KHOURY’s Sean Reilly with Linwood BARCLAY’s Glen Barclay.
9. Silent Hunt has John LESCROART’s Wyatt Hunt with T Jefferson PARKER’s Joe Trona.
10. The Devil’s Bones has Steve BARRY’s James Rollins with James ROLLINS’s Gray Pierce.
11. Good And Valuable Consideration has Lee CHILD’s Jack Reacher with Joseph FINDER’s Nick Heller

Publisher: Hatchette New Zealand
Date: © International Thriller Writers, Inc, 2014
ISBN 978-0-7515-5492-2

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