08 July 2014

A HISTORY OF CRIME - The Southern Double-Cross 

Publisher: Ravenbourne Books Ltd, Auckland NZ
© Dinah Holman, 2014
ISBN: 9978-0-473-27278-1

Oh, Ms Holman – let this be the first of such a series, puh-lease? I have not enjoyed such a story before, and I want more like it.
The way you have used your research of historic events and created a parallel history, also a crime story, also a warm romance, to create this thoroughly and beautifully crafted story, has resulted in a thought-provoking and enjoyable read.
Your characters are so well developed and believable, the plot twists so unexpected, the subtle intertwining of the two New Zealand cultures of the day so empathetic – it is almost a shock to read in the Preface and the Postscript the true historic facts which form the foundation on which this story is constructed.

I am writing this after my first read. And after I have posted this to the distributors, I am going to read it again, while I await a possible follow-up. Thank you for this wonderful work!

A HISTORY OF CRIME - The Southern Double-Cross is available in paperback from:
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Notes re author, Dinah Holman:
Dinah Holman, nationally known as a heritage planning consultant, historian and biographer, who has prepared inventories of historic buildings throughout New Zealand, earned the QSO for Public Service to Heritage in 1987 and the N.Z. Planning Institute Distinguished Service Award in 1992.
She has an M.A. (English Hons) and a Diploma in Town Planning. Her previous books, all non-fiction are:
  • ·         Newmarket Lost and Found (2001 and 2010), which received Highly Commended in the J.M. Sherrin Awards in 2001;
  • ·         Fairburn and Friends (2004);
  • ·         Bloody Marvellous, a memoir of George Haydn, (2006)
(More information can be found at the MICHAEL KING WRITERS'CENTRE TRUST

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