15 October 2012

Half-read books...

Thanks to the load of studies, working with the local writing group, preparing for NaNoWriMo, and general blogging, I have five books partly read. Here's the list, so you'll know what  review to hope for later.

  • Nalini SINGH's Angel's Blood - the first in the series "Guild Hunters" and I'm hoping to also receive the fifth in the series to review for Booksellers.
  • Daniel Blake SMITH's An American Betrayal: Cherokee Patriots and the Trail of Tears - non-fiction, back at the public library now, but I'm off to reborrow it next week 
  • E L JAMES' Fifty Shades of Grey - bought it out of curiosity and it had been reduced to below $20.
  • Marie GREY's Irish In the Blood - bought from the public library culled books table for $2., simply because I'm of Irish extraction and it looks like a good story
  • Lou GERAETS' A Soldier's Life - always been  keen on war tales, and managed to get a copy before its official release/launch.
  • I'm expecting Melanie WADHAM's Velvet Lies, Muted Cries a new novel about domestic violence, to be reviewed for Booksellers
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  1. Courier just dropped off "Velvet Lies, Muted Cries" a few moments ago. That's my first priority for reading, yeh?


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