03 July 2012

Not a Review - a Plea for help tracking down an Irish author's series

The series of small novels / novellas were based upon developing events in the life of an Irish woman, who married a no-hoper, raised his children, threw him out, and ran a stall of fruit n vege in the market, along with her best friend.
The effects on the children, and their fun 'n' games are also an integral part of the stories.

Unless I'm do-lally while writing this, there are four or five in the series.
My local library doesn't have them ( I regularly prowl the O'H.., O'M.., O'C.., Mac... Mc... and Murphy sections, and no joy.)
Their electronic catalogue can't pull up any matches to suit what I enter in the Search frame.
In fact it pulls up the whole damned catalogue of adult fiction.
That's as useful as walking along and peering at the shelves.
The series/writer is not recent, possibly about... ooh, maximum of twelve years or so far back?
May be way off, there.

[Edit: also have prowled the Doyle section- no joy.)
Puhlease leave suggestions in the Comments below?

Thank you

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