02 October 2011

Remembering: a mosaic of memories

a mosaic of memories

(a century of remembering)


Ynys FRASER's idea

These memories of life in early Rotorua
have been meticulously gathered by
Ynys FRASER and Alison BROWN,
who interviewed a selection

of Rotorua people in their nineties or more,
whom had been drawn to live in Rotorua
at some early stage in their lives.

Photographic portraits of interviewees
are included

Alison BROWN, chronicler

Rotorua residents are able to buy from
McClouds Booksellers
(Tutanekai Street, Rotorua).

Would-be purchasers from out of
the Rotorua area (including overseas)
may inquire via email about price and charges, at

         Ynys - the Foreword

ISBN 978-0-473-18961-7

[Dudfield Bryce Printers of Rotorua

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