27 July 2011

LAUGHEAD, W B: PAUL BUNYAN - as told in camps of White Pine Lumbermen for Generations ...

(eKindle version.)
I think the reason I enjoyed it so much is I remember Walt Disneys' 60s (70s?) cartoon story of Paul Bunyan and his ox "Blue".
To complete the title page:
...During which Time the Loggers have Pioneered the Way
Through the North Woods from Maine to California"
Collected from Various Sources and Embellished for Publication.
Text and Illustrations by W. B. Laughead
Published for the Amusement of our Friends by

The first anecdote (of SO Many) is:

"Paul Bunyan was born in Maine. When three weeks old
he rolled around so much in his sleep that
he destroyed four square miles of standing timber."

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