07 July 2011

Books "won" but not yet read

Expect a review of sorts of the following books.
I had won $30 worth of book tokens as First Prize in a short story competition, and the next day shot to the closing down sale of a major chain's local brance. For my $30 I grabbed:
  1. The Cat on the Mat is Flat - children's book, but you'd worked that out already, yeh? (author GRIFFITHS)
  2. In my Sky at Twilight - at first glance, thought it was part of Meyer's vampire collection, but no - a collection of classic romantic poems, with the publisher jumping on the bandwagon. (editor MORGAN)
  3. Shaolin Burning - a graphic novel. Yeh, I know it's just a fancied up way to say it's a comic book, but what the hey? (author/artist SHANG)
  4. an-eye-for-an-eye.com - a novel (author POWELL)
  5. The Sugar Queen - a novel (author ADDISON-ALLEN)
  6. The Feng Shui Detective - a novel (author VITTACHI)
  7. The Agency - a novel (author O"BRIEN)
  8. The Legend of Beau Baxter - a novel (author DUNN)
Eight books for $30 ain't bad, yeh?
If you've read any of the above, please comment about that title, rather than rating the book. You can react to the post by rating it, this time, though!


  1. Disappointed with My Sky At Twilight. As interesting as the poems are, I could find every one fo them for $nought online.

  2. The Cat on the Mat is Flat is an insult to a child's intelligence. The rhyming is doggerel, the illustrations are "gawky" (I'm sorry, I can not come up with anything more fitting).

  3. I've at last reviewed The Feng Shui Detective separately. Do look for that review if interested.


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