30 June 2011

First post in this blog

I admit, I cheated - got the idea for this blog from someone else's blog - 100 books 2011 - (or similar). It's purely personal in purpose.
I am fed up of not always being able to access my current library account to see what I've read. In my former town (moved to Rotorua in Dec 2009) my library account let me see my listed borrowing but also my ratings (Rubbish, Dreary, Precious, Unbelievable, Amusing, Exciting, Where's More, and Fan-bloody-tastic were the ratings labels I'd used), but they've cancelled my account so I cannot acess that set of titles.

So here's where I'll drop in my occasional Library borrowings, friends' lendings, found or lifted books ... basically so that when I get a conversation about a book I'll be able to refresh my memory!
(That has Nothing to do with being 60. No! It Doesn't!)

If you read a post about a title you have read, and wish to leave a comment, you may also or even prefer to rate the book's appeal to you.

There'll be a post per book (or series maybe).

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